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I really can not say enough good things about these guys
Honestly one of the most competent group of techs I have ever left my car with. I really can not say enough good things about these guys. I recently brought my Audi to them with an unknown steering issue. After the first repair didn’t work out as planned these guys stuck with it ate a ton of labor cost and some of part cost. They also found 2 issues that were completely missed after an Audi service apt at Fathers and Sons of Springfield. Will always be my first choice for automotive service in the area. Thank you Soooooo much Dave and Matt for the ride home and great work!!!!
Only needed regular maintenance since I purchased it
In February of 2020 I bought a used 2005 Prius from Cherry Rum Automotive back in October of 2014. I just watched the odometer hit 299999 miles! The 2005 Prius is still running strong. Only needed regular maintenance since I purchased it.
Professional, excellent communication and thorough
Professional, excellent communication and thorough. Very happy to have a trusted mechanic close to home.
Matt is a stand up guy and sold me My car
Good business. Matt is a stand up guy and sold me My car. Megan and Dave run the office efficiently!
Nothing but praise for every service provided
All my cars, all services for well over 20 years. Nothing but praise for every service provided. You simply cannot do better for your vehicle, your pocket book or your peace of mind.
Thank you!
Purchased my car from Matt at Cherry Rum and the experience was smooth, friendly, and so accommodating to what I was looking for. Thank you!
Highly recommend these folks
I’ve had Cherry Rum take care of my vehicles for over twenty years and have always been happy with their work, communication, and integrity. Highly recommend these folks.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Trusting your car to someone is trusting your life to someone. I trust Matt, Meg and all the employees whose names I should know. Great at what they do. Know what they’re doing. Honest. Dependable. I have watched them bend over backwards to help their customers.
A crucial asset for my business

I told Matt what I was looking for in a cargo van, and within a couple of weeks he’d found the perfect one. It had the right mileage I was looking for, good price, and it was in great shape. This van has been a crucial asset for my business for years, with a freezer to help me make deliveries to wholesalers or bring a weekend’s worth of pops to music festivals. It’s still going strong and hasn’t required anything beyond routine maintenance. It’s time to expand the fleet, so he’s on the hunt for a second van right now!

Trustworthy, High Quality, Great Price

Over the years, I think my wife and I have probably purchased 4-5 cars from Cherry Rum Auto. We tell Matt, one of the owners, exactly what we’re looking for: make, model, price, condition, miles—everything on our wish list. Then he scours the auctions until he finds a great fit. He even located a really specific and quirky color for our most recent car, totally went the extra mile, and we love it.

He’s provided total satisfaction every time, not a lemon in the bunch, and I can’t imagine why we’d buy a car anywhere else. Even during the height of Covid, when used car prices were through the roof, he found something that was just right at a decent price. We know we can always rely on Matt to help, and we have total trust in him and his company.

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